Ford Fry
Ford Fry Restaurants

Going into the process of designing and decorating our home was truly an enjoyable and eye-opening experience at the same time! What we noticed was that there is so much of "the same" out there. Not saying that is bad, but for us, we truly enjoyed Elizabeth's approach and passion for unique and timeless design. That being said, a big part of Elizabeth's experience is in her ability to custom design all furniture and fixtures. We have enjoyed our home so much that we prefer to be at home and literally everyone who walks through the door is in awe! 

Sean Sullivan
Vice President
Ford Fry Restaurants

Over 25 years in the restaurant business has led me to many truths, one of which Elizabeth Ingram will always provide:  a creative design that is well thought out, encompassing a meaningful story, and ultimately embodying your culinary vision. It has been my pleasure to work with Elizabeth professionally for three years. Elizabeth has the impact to leave your guests viscerally cognizant that they experienced something unique. 

Susan Levitas
Residential Client

Elizabeth is the most creative, dynamic, down-to-earth designer I have ever worked with. She goes beyond the humdrum of design expectations to create spaces that are uniquely hers and yet completely representative of my taste. She combines the qualities of the studied professional - equipped with an impressive breadth of knowledge - with the artistic ability to design furniture, light fixtures, and more. She can even art-direct the smallest details of a space. She is an innovator with a unique voice. Most important to me, Elizabeth is a total pleasure to work with. She is warm, steady, easy to reach, and a consummate professional regarding deadlines. I can't wait to work with her again. 

Daniel Lindley
5th & Taylor
St. John's Restaurant

Elizabeth's exemplary professionalism coupled with her exceptional abilities to design and execute projects makes her one of the most professional designers that I know and have worked with.